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Much more than an aromatic experience, Nourishing Salt Soaks promote various responses within the body, mind, and soul. The union of Epsom and Dead Sea salts pack a rich mineral content high in magnesium. Using only certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils delivers the best quality plant, herb, and flower aromatherapy with superb benefits.

Salts have been used to aid the body's natural healing abilities for centuries from around the globe. The earliest reports on the different kinds of salts, their uses and extraction methods were published in China around 2700 BC. Hippocrates encouraged fellow "healers" to immerse patients in sea water to diminish various ailments. The Ancient Greeks continued this practice. English author and physician Charles Russel published “The Uses of Sea Water” in 1753. Today we continue these time tested traditions by adding Nourishing Salt Soaks to a warm bath.

Nourishing Salt Soaks are hand-blended in small batches for top quality and maximum potency. This product can be custom blended to assist with specific conditions or facilitate a particular response within the body, mind and spirit.
Nourishing Salt Soaks have been successful in alleviating mental stress, relieving sore muscles, and soothing achy joints. Additionally, this product is formulated to promote circulation and decrease inflammation.


simply add 1/2 cup to a warm bath, soak and breathe deeply for 10+ minutes. We recommend adding this product as you enter the water for the greatest aromatherapy impact.

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